Customs Audits

Global Trade Expertise provides counseling and management concerning all types of Customs audits, as well as representation before Customs and legal advice to clients involved in Customs audits.  Our Firm focuses on developing compliance systems that are capable of meeting U.S. Customs laws and procedures.  Our team will assist you in the event you have been notified that U.S. Customs auditors  selected your company for a compliance audit including focused assessments and quick response audits.  

We can work with you during the actual Customs audit, or by conducting a prior internal assessment of your company's customs operations.  Such an assessment will identify any potential compliance issues, which can be promptly remedied.  GTE’s attorneys can help you identify serious problems and determine whether to make a prior disclosure of those problems to Customs, thus limiting your company’s exposure to excessive  penalties.  The advantage of using an attorney instead of a non-attorney expert to assist your company with an internal audit is the availability of attorney-client privilege, which prevents an attorney from disclosing its communications with its clients to outside persons (including the government), unless the company permits the disclosure.