Customs Compliance Assessments and Reviews

The requirement to use "reasonable care" imposed upon importers and exporters provides that companies must monitor their customs transactions to ensure they are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Importers can  ensure that they are exercising reasonable care in their day to day customs compliance functions by periodically conducting a self-assessment of their customs operations. Moreover, conducting a self-assessment is critical preparation for any formal investigations or audits conducted by U.S. Customs officials. Alternatively, an importer may avoid an audit by choosing to participate in a compliance management program known as an Importer Self-Assessment (ISA).  

Global Trade Expertise can assist importers with all conducting an assessment of a company's customs compliance. We model our assessments on CBP's Focused Assessment Program (FAP) so that our clients are thoroughly prepared for any future CBP audit or investigation. In conducting such assessments, we provide our clients with an initial questionnaire tailored to the particular customs operations of the client, will interview key company personnel who have an effect on the company's customs compliance, and will review the company's written procedures and sample customs entries. Our deliverable will identify issues found, best practices (including benchmarking against similarly situated importers), and recommendations. Where prudent, we will assist an importer with the preparation and filing of a valid prior disclosure of any violations found so that our clients are protected from excessive penalties.