OFAC's Licensing Division Changes Its Case Numbering System Format

On April 16, 2012, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced that the numbering system used by the Licensing Division has been changed and is being reflected in new licenses, denial letters, and other correspondence issued after March 26, 2012.  As was previously the case, the new numbering begins with alphabetical characters designating the sanctions program - e.g., CU, IA, or SU.  The new number is followed by (1) the calendar year, (2) a unique six-digit number, and (3) a final number denoting original or amendment.  Thus, a new license issued pursuant to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations would bear a number styled as License No. CU-2012-XXXXXX-1, while a license issued pursuant to the Iranian Transactions Regulations would appear as License No. IA-2012-XXXXXX-1.

OFAC states that, for the time being, the old licensing case numbering system will not disappear completely.  An amended version of a license that was originally issued prior to March 26, 2012, will continue to follow the original license case number system, i.e., alphabetical characters for the sanctions program followed by the existing license number and an alphabetical character, as in the past.