BIS Implements 2009 Wassenaar Arrangement Plenary Meeting Changes


On September 7, 2010, the Bureau of Industry and Security BIS) issued a final rule in Federal Register that revises Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to implement changes made to the Wassenaar Arrangement's List of Dual Use Goods and Technologies pursuant to the December 2009 Wassenaar Arrangement Plenary Meeting. 

The following Export Control Classifications Numbers (ECCNs) are affected: 1A001, 1A002, 1B001, 1C002, 1C006, 1C007, 1C008, 1C010, 1C011, 1E002, 2B006, 3A001, 3A002, 3B001, 4A001, 4A003, 4D001, 4D993, 4E001, 5A001, 5B001, 5D001, 5E001, 6A001, 6A005, 6A006, 6A008, 6C004, 6D003, 6E993, 7A005, 7B001, 7D003, 7E004, 9A001, 9A003, 9B002, 9D003, and 9E003. 4D003 is removed by the final rule.

Changes pertaining to ECCNs 5A002, 5D002, 6A002, 6A003, 8A002 and all related ECCNs will be implemented in a separate rule because of the sensitivity of the items and controls for these items. 

For more information, refer to the final rule, which can be accessedhere.