Census Seeks Comments on Proposal for Additional Data in the AES

On January 24, 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau posted a notice in the Federal Register seeking comments on proposed changes in data collection in the Automated Export System (AES).  

Specifically, Census proposes addition of new and modification of some existing data elements in the AES. The elements that will be added or modified are conditional, meaning they will be required only if applicable to the specific shipment being exported. According to Census, this data will support the export control initiative of enforcement agencies by helping to detect and prevent unauthorized exports and to collect complete and accurate export statistics. In addition, Census proposes that AES filing be mandatory for shipments of all used self-propelled vehicles and household goods regardless of value or country of destination. 

The additional data elements include name and address of the end user, and ultimate consignee type. It is expected that these conditional data elements will have limited impact on burden response time since entering information for the end user and consignee type is based on the knowledge the exporter has at the time of export. If that information is not known, the filer will not be required to report the information. 

Census proposes that license applicant address, license value, and country of origin be other additional required elements. The equipment number field will be revised to require the container number for all containerized cargo. For shipments that require an export license (currently, 6% or records filed require a license), the address of the license applicant will be required. In addition to the value that is currently captured in the AES, the license value per commodity classification will be required to be reported. 

For shipments with a foreign country of origin (currently, 17% of records), the country of origin will be required to be reported. For shipments where method of transportation is containerized vessel cargo (currently, 19% of records), the container number will be required to be reported in the equipment number field. 

Census expects that individually, completing these conditional fields will not affect exporter burden significantly. Each additional field affects only a percentage of the shipments that are required to be reported in the AES.

Comments to Departmental Paperwork Clearance Office are due on or before March 25, 2011.