DDTC Publishes Final Rule on Dual and Third-Country Nationals Employed by Foreign End Users

On May 16, 2011, the Department of State published a final rule amending the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to establish a policy to address those who are unable to implement the exemption for intra-company, intra-organization, and intra-government transfers of defense articles and defense services by approved end-users to dual national and third-country nationals who are employees of such approved end-users. 

Prior to making transfers to certain dual national and third-country national employees under this policy, approved end-users must screen employees, make an affirmative decision to allow access, and maintain records of screening procedures to prevent diversion of ITAR-controlled technology for purposes other than those authorized by the applicable export license or other authorization.

The Department of State is amending parts 124 and 126 of the ITAR to reflect new policy regarding end-user employment of dual nationals and third-country nationals. As a part of the President's Task Force on Export Control Reform, the previous policy regarding the treatment of dual nationals and third-country nationals employed by approved end users was re-evaluated. A proposed rule to eliminate the separate licensing requirement for dual nationals and third-country nationals employed by licensed end-users was presented for public comment. The proposed rule had a comment period ending September 10, 2010. Thirty-two parties filed comments recommending changes, which the DDTC analyzes and addresses in the publication. 

The rule is effective August 15, 2011.