DDTC Seeks Comments on Export/Import Licenses, Agreements, Reports, and Record Maintenance Requirements

On June 30, 2011, the Department of State posted a notice in the Federal Register seeking Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval for the information collection requirements for the following: 

  • DSP-5: Application/License for Permanent Export of Unclassified Defense Articles and Related Unclassified Technical Data;
  • DSP-61: Application/License for Temporary Import of Unclassified Defense Articles;
  • DSP-73: Application/License for Temporary Export of Unclassified Defense Articles;
  • DSP-83: Non-Transfer and Use Certificate
  • DSP-85: Application/License for Permanent/Temporary Export or Temporary Import of Classified Defense Articles and Classified Technical Data;
  • DSP-94: Authority to Export Defense Articles and Services Sold under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program;
  • DSP-6, DSP-62, DSP-74, DSP-84, DSP-119: Application for Amendment to License for Export or Import of Classified or Unclassified Defense Articles and Related Technical Data;
  • Request for Approval of Manufacturing License Agreements, Technical Assistance Agreements, and Other Agreements;
  • Statement of Political Contributions, Fees, or Commissions in Connection with the Sale of Defense Articles or Services; and
  • Maintenance of Records by Registrant.

Comments are due to the Department of State within 60 days from June 30, 2011 or by August 29, 2011.