President Obama Initiates Reform for More Effective Government

President Obama  issued a Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies regarding government reform (the Memorandum) on March 11, 2011. 

In the Memorandum, President Obama stated that the Federal Government has not kept pace with the development of the information age, with government agencies growing without overall strategic planning and duplicative programs springing up. "My current budget proposes more than 200 terminations, reductions, and savings in agency programs totaling approximately $30 billion in fiscal year 2012. But we must go further. Winning the future will take a government that judiciously allocates scarce government resources to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness so that it can best support American competitiveness and innovation. Now is the time to act to consolidate and reorganize the executive branch of the Federal Government in a way that best serves this goal."

The President assigned the U.S. Chief Performance Officer (CPO) who also serves as the Deputy Director for Management of the Office of Management and Budget to lead the effort to create a plan for the restructuring and streamlining of the executive branch of the Federal Government. The first focus of this effort will be increasing trade, exports, and overall competitiveness of the U.S. 

The President directed that the CPO establish a Government Reform for Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative led by an Executive Director to conduct a comprehensive review of the Federal agencies and programs involved in trade and competitiveness, including analyzing their scope and effectiveness, areas of overlap and duplication, unmet needs, and possible cost savings. As part of the review, the CPO and Executive Director will confer with the heads and staff of executive departments and agencies, including the offices and agencies within the Office of the President. 

Recommendations on how to restructure and streamline Federal Government programs focused on trade and competitiveness are due to the President within 90 days from March 11, 2011.