President Signs Executive Order Establishing Export Enforcement Coordination Center

On November 9, 2010, President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the Export Enforcement Coordination Center (EECC). EECC is one of the key elements in the Export Control Initiative. The primary function of the EECC will be to coordinate control enforcement matters among the Departments of State, Treasury, Energy, Commerce, Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, Office of Director of National Intelligence, and other departments, agencies, and offices handling the violations of U.S. export control laws. 

In addition to serving as the primary forum within the Federal Government executive departments and agencies to cooperate their export control enforcement efforts, EECC's responsibilities will also include:  

  • Serving as a conduit between Federal law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Intelligence Community for the exchange of information related to potential U.S. export control violations;
  • Serving as a primary point of contact between enforcement authorities and agencies engaged in export licensing;
  • Coordinating law enforcement public outreach activities related to U.S. export controls; and
  • Establishing Government wide statistical tracking capabilities for U.S. criminal and administrative export control enforcement activities, to be conducted by the Department of Homeland Security with information provided by and shared with all relevant departments and agencies participating in the Center.