U.S. Partners with India Regarding Export Controls and Non-Proliferation

On November 8, 2010, the White House issuedthe U.S.-India Partnership factsheet that contains details of the United States' and India's commitment to work together on many issues and programs, including export controls, trade and economic cooperation, counterterrorism and defense cooperation, and the National Export Initiative. 

The Factsheets provide that India's Prime Minister (PM) Singh and President Obama are committed to work together to strengthen the global non-proliferation and export control framework and continue to transform bilateral export control cooperation.  PM Singh and President  Obama agreed to take mutual steps to implement a four-part export control reform program, including: support for India's membership in the multilateral export control regimes, removing India's Defense and Space-Related Entities from the U.S. "Entity List;" export licensing policy realignment, and export control cooperation.

With respect to defense cooperation, factsheet notes that the U.S.-India defense relationship has evolved from solely military-to-military links into a mature partnership that encompasses dialogues, exercises, defense sales, professional military education exchanges, and practical cooperation.  The leaders reaffirmed the importance of maritime security, unimpeded commerce, and freedom of navigation, in accordance with relevant universally agreed principles of international law. 

As part of the National Export Initiative, the factsheet notes that President Obama recognizes that India, with its high economic growth and its large and growing middle class, is a key market for U.S. exports.  During the President's trip to India when the partnership agreement was established, trade transactions were announced or showcased, exceeding $14.9 billion in total value with $9.5 billion in U.S. export content, supporting an estimated 53,670 U.S. jobs.  

Regarding the nuclear safety aspect, the factsheet states that U.S. and India signed a memorandum of understanding that provides a general framework for cooperative activities in working with India's Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership, which India announced at the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit. "In working with India's Centre, the U.S. will give priority to discussion of best practices on the security of nuclear material and facilities, development of international nuclear security training curricula and programs, joint outreach on security issues to their respective nuclear industries, and cooperation on other nuclear security activities as mutually determined."