Commerce Department and USPS Launch New Initiative to Increase U.S. Exports

In response to President Obama's plan to double U.S. exports in the next five years, U.S. Commerce Department and the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced launch of a new initiative on July 12, 2010. The New Market Exporter Initiative (NMEI) will help increase U.S. exports by identifying small and medium-sized businesses that export their goods and services via USPS and notifying those customers of government sources that can help them in finding new overseas markets. 

Commerce and USPS intend to work with such businesses to identify key markets, build market entry strategies and provide guidance to the U.S. exporters searching to expand their markets. Free resources and tools will be made available through a nationwide network of international trade experts and global shipping specialists. U.S. Commerce Department has trade specialists posted in 109 U.S. cities and U.S. embassies and consulates in 77 countries, and will make those resources available to the companies, connecting them with potential international buyers. 

President Obama announced the National Export Initiative (NEI) earlier this year, during his State of the Union address. The goal of the NEI is to double U.S. exports in the next five years, which would support several million jobs in the U.S. The NEI will provide more funding and more centralized, cabinet-level coordination to increase U.S. exports. The initiative represents a first government-wide export promotion strategy with focused attention from the President and his cabinet.