DDTC Permits Selected U.S. Applicants to Submit Agreements Via DTrade2

Beginning July 6, 2009, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) has allowed selected U.S. applicants to submit agreements and their amendments electronically via the D-Trade2 system. (See the press release here.) This system uses the D-Trade2 Production application to submit, review, and approve agreement proposals, and incorporates the DSP-5 as the primary tool for transitioning agreements and their amendments from one phase of the adjudication process to the next. Due to this process, DDTC will no longer have to issue a separate authorization letter upon approval of a case. 

DDTC will follow the success of these pilot electronic agreement submissions, and expects to make this application available to all U.S. applicants on October 1, 2009. Electronic submission of the agreements will become mandatory in Spring 2010. During the initial phase of electronic submission, DDTC will continue to accept paper submissions until further notice. 

In addition to the new DTrade2 component that supports the electronic submission function, DDTC has compiled a list of issues that users encounter with DTrade2 system, and published it with solutions and workarounds. Technical support for DTrade2 can be reached at (202) 663-2838, or via dtradehelpdesk@state.gov.