D-Trade License Application or Amendment Subject to New Requirements

On April 16, 2009, U.S. Department of State (DOS) Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) launched a new DTrade2 application and database. While the old DTrade will remain active to track or upload supplemental information to applications submitted prior to April 16, 2009, the new DTrade2 system must be used for all new license applications. DDTC will return all submissions uploaded to the old DTrade system after April 16, 2009 without action. 

Several important changes are effective with the launch of the DTrade2: 

The new system will use the new license amendment form (DSP-6; DSP-62; and DSP-74);
The DTrade2 will no longer accept paper DSP-119 forms. DDTC also intends to discontinue usage of ELLIENet for DSP-119 submission, however, EELIENet submissions will be available for approx. 60 days after DTRade2 launch; and  
All D-Trade users must use their DDTC-approved registrant/applicant name which corresponds to their DDTC registration record before an application or amendment will be accepted by the new system. D-Trade request will be checked against DDTC's registration records to confirm that the name submitted on the request matches DDTC's official records. Applications or amendments that do not match the records will be automatically rejected. DDTC explains that this extra level of security will aid in prevention of improper third party use of a registrant's name, their code or licensing privileges. 

Applicants who routinely use subsidiary names or "doing business as" names on the D-Trade submission must now use the DDTC-approved registrant/applicant name identifications. This name can be found on the addressee line of the registration letter sent by the Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance at the time of registration or renewal. 

Users unsure of their DDTC-approved name must contact their central export control office to obtain the information. DDTC will not provide this information to D-Trade users over the phone or via e-mail. 

New and updated forms are available on DDTC's website.