UK Posts Open General Export License for the Export of a Wide Range of Military Equipment to Low-risk Destinations

On January 1, 2014, the United Kingdom's (U.K's) Export Control Organization (ECO) posted an Open General Export License (OGEL) for Military Goods, Software and Technology.

OGELs are pre-published licenses which users need to register for via the ECO's export licensing database, SPIRE. OGEls allow companies to export or transfer goods, software or technology from the U.K. to any of the destinations or countries listed in this licence. This includes re-exporting goods, software or technology to and from permitted destinations, even if they have been incorporated into other products. This OGEL will mainly be used by exporters who supply military goods, software and technology to customers in the listed destinations.

The license is limited to a number of low-risk destinations, such as the United States, Australia and the EU countries. Some goods, software and technology are excluded and exporters are required to provide certain documents before exporting the components, and maintain records so that ECO can carry out audits to confirm you have used the OGEL correctly. 

The license is effective January 1, 2014 and replaces licensed dated August 1, 2013. 

Holders of OGELs must meet all specified terms and conditions and are subject to audits by ECO. UK exporters that cannot meet all OGEL conditions must apply for other license types such as a Standard Individual Export License (SIEL) or Open INdividual Export License (OIEL) via SPIRE